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Zoë writes about film and story-making, and frequently interviews

filmmakers and film luminaries both onstage and in print. She is currently working on a book based on her interviews.



How to Change the World: A User’s Guide

with Larry Brilliant & Wavy Gravy

Commonwealth Club Marin Conversations


Mark Osborne, The Little Prince

Skywalker Ranch


The Art of Being Brave:

Brenda Chapman and Zoë Elton

Commonwealth Club Marin Conversations


Michael Moore, Where To Invade Next

Skywalker Ranch


Ian McKellen

Mill Valley Film Festival


Carey Mulligan

Mill Valley Film Festival


Catherine Hardwicke

Mill Valley Film Festival




Coming Soon to a Festival Near You

Editor, Jeffrey Ruoff

Chapter Contributor

Lonely Planet Guide to the US

Contributing author on American Independent filmmakers


Women in Overdrive

Nora Isaacs

California Performance

Theodore Shank

Featured in chapter on Experimental Performance in the San Francisco Bay Area

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