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I've always loved the graphic poetry of cartoons and have been a life-long doodler creating cards, cartoons and letters to friends, some of whom have become collectors of both one-off greeting cards and also my annual Peace Sisters holiday messages. 

The Peace Sisters began in the early 21st century, post 9/11. They are three girls, Shantih, Salaam and Shalom: their back story is that they met at a summer camp, bonded because they have a name that means peace, and discovered that each of their families trace their ancestry back to one of the three Magi. Now, each year, they get together, read T.S. Eliot's Journey of the Magi, think about what's up in the world and create a message for a winter solstice holiday season greeting card that goes out in a limited edition.

The Taos of Film is an annual strip cartoon for Mill Valley Film Festival's Souvenir Program. It tracks the travels and ideas of Ruby Strange. a film festival curator, as she travels without and travels within looking for films, stories and the meaning of life. The Taos of Film has also been seen in the book Coming Soon to a Festival Near You and in the online magazine EAT DRINK FILM.

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